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Cartoons + Comics: DDs I've Given

Here you'll find bunch of kick ass artworks by deviants across DeviantArt that'll rock your socks; featured by me as Daily Deviations. We at communityrelations feature regularly; if you're looking to suggest one for the Cartoons & Comics category then contact me via note or pigeon! And in the meantime, you can click "browse" to check out past features.


Radness! Radness everywhere: alibumpkin 

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Daily Deviations - FAQ

Design a Character

Be sure to check out what's going on over at Design-A-Character where a whole bunch of creatives whose commitments to character creation is pursued within weekly to monthly events. There are many challenges for which you may become a participant, and you can even submit to archived events. You can find a list of current activities below:

Shape Challenge December 2014

(2015 series out soon)
December shapes 2014 by LuigiL

The shape line-up for this month's Shape challenge is available! The aim for this event is to design characters conforming to the shapes provided for their silhouettes. You may use the shapes as creatively, concisely or as outright cleverly as you want.


Apr 25, 2015
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Apr 25, 2015
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Sat Apr 5, 2014, 6:15 PM
What does the fox say?
Wed Feb 5, 2014, 6:41 PM

Arts University Bournemouth

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 5:27 AM

What's the haps, guys?

I'm writing to tell you that the Arts University Bournemouth have taken me on for their Animation Production degree, starting this September! The thing is, I'm grateful to a lot of you for your continued support and for helping me print my folio leading up to the interview from commissions. Please know that I'm super grateful for everything.

It's been difficult to concentrate on anything from the uncertainty of this decision, but now that I know - it's going to be easier to eat, sleep, draw and poop in total contentment. Stay tuned for updates~~ :giggle:

Beep boop, puddle over and out! :fish:

Skin by SimplySilent

commissions - update!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 9:51 AM

Pin-up / Illustration:

Dynamic illustrations with a focus on characters - environments are possible

£30 ($40) per character

£15 ($20) per additional character

Octotat by puddlefisherYakoozie Kid by puddlefisher

Character Design or Sheet:

Less dynamic but fuller illustrations of characters with a focus on their design and visual traits

£30 ($40) for two viewing angles

£10 ($14) per additional viewing angle

£10 ($14) per expressions sheet, accessories or similar

Octoturn by puddlefisher
Isaac by puddlefisher


Line arts being clean, drawn lines - sketches being rougher versions of the same. Both types are priced per character.
Both examples viewable in the following deviations.

£15 ($20) per character

£10 ($14) per character

Beep Boop Boopadoop by puddlefisher   Dumpies and Stuffs by puddlefisher        


Here's the deal:

Deliverable as: PSD, SAI, JPG, PNG, GIF
Payable via: PayPal
Note/comment or owl post for your slot

If your budget doesn't line-up with my rates - you're welcome to offer what you can, I'm very grateful for your help. : 3
I will aim to deliver your commissions promptly. Thank you pals! <3


Slot type: Pin-up / Illustration(s)

MooseFroos - In-progress
keytaro - In-progress
DoraIIngrid - In-progress
MesoPhunk - In-progress
colonel-strawberry - In-progress
shinobiwankenobe - pending

(thank you!)

"In progress" - in 1 of 3 main stages (draft/line/colour) progress is on its way!
"pending" - on info/payment/other confirmations


Ahoy pals! I'm writing as a puddle-in-need - halp! :iconwhutplz:

So, amid some chunky expenses I've parted for travel & accommodation to be interviewed at universities, I've overlooked the costs related to printing my portfolio. I've kind of hit the limit on what I can afford but my interview is on Friday and I need to print stuff nicely ;A; THUS, I'm opening some commission slots if you guys want to help me out in exchange for art.
Ahooooy Matey!

The folio prints were ace and I gave the interview my best shot - I'm insanely grateful to all of you for the support. <3
I've replied to you guys who've sent new orders while I was away (traveling with intermittent nets access) and to pals with confirmed slots already: I'll be finishing your drafts over the weekend and will be in touch soon for revisions/feedback. Once the overall art direction is confirmed, it's a breeze there on out and I'll deliver the finals one day next week. :eager:

I can keep slots open but I'll begin only once I've completed the 6 listed below. Feel free to send any information/questions and I'll get back to you. There's no pressing need for payment so half/half via the PayPal machine would work perfectly for when the time comes. :thumbsup:

Thank you, thank you, thank youuu!
Fish boop.

Skin by SimplySilent

No. 01



by puddlefisher

The relations between monsters and kids are never anything less than endearing. Unless it involves guts. In that case we’re bound to confront a cold, hard truth that reveals monsters are sometimes far removed from childhood wonderments as seen in Pixar and that checking our closets before bedtime isn’t a bad idea. And yes, these critters exist - so before getting too comfortable; there is probably a room you’ve forgotten to fumigate with the ole monster spray.

Alright, it’s time to come clean: stating monsters exist is a slight exaggeration. In fact, the monster spray trick only works on children because they believe in this stuff. But that’s the point: kids believe in this stuff. They have a rapport with monsters and that’s something we couldn’t take away even if we tried. We’ve all been there – either afraid of the dark, of sounds from under the bed or that creepy mascot from some local event – whatever the case, we believed even if a little. That’s the overarching premise in this very first instalment from fancyQUACKS.

Ready? Then sit tight as we explore imaginary friends and some rather unfriendly foes as seen in the minds of creatives sensitive to these themes. Let’s develop an insight into what their inner kid is asserting to their older selves and what their expression means to them.

A more focussed effort to this end will be around illustrator Daniel Alexander (subway-cat) whose playful cartoonist depictions meditates hugely on kids and critters.

These critters consider curly toes of boys a particularly toothsome delicacy (without the nails, of course). They find other preferences in finely chopped pigtails seasoned in stomach acid. The burden on kids to avoid these foes is great – meaning talking to strangers is off-limits and night time means home time.

Monsters and how to fight them... With art!

Sparky Frankenweenie by SparkyFrankenweenie0
Popular monsters in the media can be super advocates for the notion of ‘monsters’ being a balanced view, with “good” monsters being plausible at all. But the horror icons omnipresent from 20th century film instil fear that’s infectious to kids who are making sense of the world through television screens. It’s one of the influences keeping momentum in the preoccupation of critters and the themes around them that are actively recycled and regenerated.  Unfriendly foes are a rumination among kids and when it drives their creative journeys it becomes a noteworthy thing!

it scares little kids AND little monsters by Pharaoh-Ink
So what does any of this mean? It means monsters want to eat your curly toes, of course. Well, at least in the minds of suggestible children. But more than that, it explains why almost all kids will at some point in their years benefit from monster spray - or its equivalent in using art to cope without it. It offers clues that help us to understand a very prominent origin of the monster-related interests of illustrators since before their adolescence. It’s an area of significance because while all of the works featured in this issue are delicious, it’s often a stimulating muse to penetrate beyond gorgeous aesthetic to uncover meaning and purpose. 

Let’s consider that a moment: the artistic value behind kids and critters. We’re soon to identify with our Featured Artist but we will benefit from inspecting his work before we move on to our accompaniment of Unfriendly Foes. 

The personal insights of Daniel Alexander (subway-cat) will help us relate to the motivations behind his body of work and likely that of others too.

From rabbit gladiators to oversized cats and everything in-between, the work of Daniel Alexander is eye-candy that will leave you in puddles of your own saliva. Fair warning, wouldn’t you say? Before we gobble him up in his interview – let’s take a preliminary look outlining who Subway Cat is. It should be noted that “Subway Cat” is in fact a collective of Daniel and his companion, so to view his work more exclusively, head over to an older account: RyuDan.

This guy’s visual eloquence is nothing short meticulous and demonstrates his utmost care and attentive prerequisites to drawing. Indicative of his spiritual interests, Daniel’s lands, moons and worlds exist beyond many hills from here and are revealed to us as though from behind a window gazing into his consciousness. His control for the subjects seen in these works is reminiscent of the control he practices for his thoughts more generally. 

Daniel collaborates with great frequency alongside such artists as pacman23 and FabianMonk  and is hugely involved in art related forums like SatelliteSoda. Storytelling and combined fantasies look like other crucial components to Daniel’s work which we’ll explore in more detail after learning why good monsters are instrumental to this...

These critters mostly wander the dim, cold city streets during the early hours, finding toes to return them to rightful owners. Lots of foes drop them when they feed... Additional to this, they may emerge from your closet during sleepy time but only to fill up their Scare gauge. They're prompt and never take more than a few minutes - so you're all good.

From haunted to haunter...

Imaginary Friends are often monster meditations of artists who delight in the control they have over these otherwise devious critters. As artists, we’re in the driving seats – or under monsters’ beds – in a role reversal that’s spiritually satisfying. Imaginary Friends are a product of our grown-up monster-friendly way of taking back control and depicting them devoid of guts and toes.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if monsters aren’t tangible, real things like puppies of the corgi kind. It’s the artistic expression resultant from believing otherwise that almost acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see, it’s often the case that creatives themselves become the characters they invent. We live as many heroes - and villains too; our abstractions of reality through art is the motivator in this process of creation.


"The monsters of our childhood do not fade away, neither are they ever wholly monstrous. But neither, in my experience, do we ever reach a plane of detachment regarding our parents, however wise and old we may become. To pretend otherwise is to cheat."
- John le Carre, detailing the prevalence of monsters in all life, both young and old!

Below are works by kick-ass artists who embrace the concept of monsters, followed by an interview that probes this fascination in detail. Both imaginary friends and foes will be present, so you might want to think about topping up on your monster spray…

Pivotal Moments by DanielAraya 

Daniel Araya is an artist whose preoccupation with that which isn’t true to life by means of artistic expression makes use of realistic form that brings his ideas that much closer to reality. We will illuminate about the ‘pivotal moment’ that we all experience in art before bringing this issue to a close - just after the interview. Following this, be sure to indulge yourself in the immersion that comes with the work of DanielAraya. What’s more is that both DanielAraya and subway-cat make appearances in a recent publication called “The Master of Anatomy”. Just sayin'!

Interview with subway-cat 

Why do you draw kids and critters? And does your cartoon style enhance the unreality of your fantastic worlds and situations in which you place them?

Ha! I do draw kids and critters, but overall I like playing with contrast and exaggeration to increase the ‘sensitivity’ and impression of the piece; sort of like theatre when it comes to exaggeration in acting. As for style, I always try to be evolving it into something that gives me enough freedom to play with and be able to express what I want - even if I’m not showing the face and I’m letting the viewer imagine it.

Something more specific to ‘realistic’ cartoons: you've started to paint your cartoons with more form than before. Do you find this semi-realistic aesthetic eclipses the premise of fantasy in your work or does it enforce it?

Whoa! Hmm. I don’t think it eclipses it – actually, anything well-managed can achieve the artistic intention, even if the painting is not semi-realistic and cartoon: for me it’s just about the clarity and ‘lucid’ thinking. But I don’t think I’m the right person to auto-judge my own work!

So, with it being a very conscious effort by you to develop your style according to the intended piece; would you say that fantasy becomes more or less true to life in mostly realistic styles? Maybe you could mention an example where you used it to facilitate a purpose before.

Probably with a realistic style people can imagine them better in the real world; hence the style is “realistic”! But that doesn't allow much room for viewers to imagine things and to be stretching their minds.
Personally, I'm not too fond of realistic styles. While I respect artists that do it - ‘cause it requires tons of hard work and mad skills - I like to go with more freedom and fun styles.

Imagination seems important to you! We’ve mentioned how the media transforms young minds to be stimulated around monster themes. Does your commercial work inform your interests around kids and critters or does it distract from it?

Well, I would love to be doing more commercial work, so I think right now it distracts from “kids and critters” but every artist should work hard in letting their work inform their interests. To control and achieve what you want to do with your pieces is key to creating the emotions you want for your viewers. 

When monsters are alright...

The process of art is an escapist trait we use to detach ourselves from reality or simply life. In communicating this escapism to people outside of our worlds is an intimate gesture and wonderful gift. It’s an unspoken arrangement between artists and appreciators – or anyone else engaging mutually with the experiences of creative expressions being shared. It’s a quest of introspection for us to reflect on ourselves in response to art.

After all, we search for answers as kids that nobody has a clue for. Anything outside of our own self is uncontrollable and unpredictable; the pivotal moment is when we master our anxieties and adapt in accordance to change. Monsters are alright, you know. Once you’re in control of your own monsters it’s easy to appreciate them and show them to the world...

Of course, when you fight monsters you become one in the process. We're all monsters in our own little ways - we aren't so different from imaginary friends or unfriendly foes. On that note, here are some things to think about...

1. What are your monsters? (eg. illness, art-block, nagging cats who are always hungry)

2. How do you overcome your monsters? We’d be interested to know your means of intervening when things get out of hand!

1. Pigtails or curly toes? Why no nails for the latter?

2. Why do you get a kick from hiding under our beds? Got rent for that?



08/11/14 puddlefisher: "*slowbro-fist*:iconslowbroplz:"

15/11/14 Brakkenimation: "(waits an entire week to reply, to ensure the slowbro-fist is appropriately slow) :iconslowbroplz:"


- Can we take a moment to commend this display of such dedicated, purposeful use of time by Brakkenimation? Yes, let's! :B
BenWolstenholme ruminates a little on inking; sharing some insightful thoughts about his processes & related considerations. Truly, his approaches are equally as exploratory as our own - in the event that we probe his inks with the curious eyes that they deserve.

One of my favourites:
MONO_Ep05_Pg07_Inks by BenWolstenholme
I've had a couple of questions about my approach to inking. It's important to state upfront that MONO is the first comic book I have drawn so my approach is a very evolving process! - and I can only speak as someone who is stumbling into the craft!

My background is in design, and I have done a fair amount of storyboarding, so in approaching MONO I tend to try and draw the story as I would shoot it, this works to establish a good angle on the action but then there is the visual pacing of the page which is very different to storyboarding where every moment is framed in landscape and therefore essentially equal. My great mate Liam Sharp (a co-founder at Madefire along with Eugene Walden) wrote the script for MONO and he has given me many pointers on this journey. One piece of brilliant advice he gave me is in hindsight common sense - he said to read the script and work out what panel or moment is the most important on any given page - and make that the largest or the most significant, the rest will follow.

The other consideration for me in approaching the inking of MONO was to try and do something different - I knew I wanted the story to have a feeling of depth and weight. I wanted to bring a sense of mood to the inks, a lot of inking for comics can fall into a familiar pattern clean flowing brushed lines and of super-heroic poses so I wanted to try and tell a story using a really varied range of line and brush, with lots of heavy areas to evoke an atmosphere, and hopeful more honest figures and poses. 

MONO is a very physical character, prone to violence! but also deep thought - so i wanted to play on that contrast; poise in places when he is reflecting and thinking, but also some vicious action. You may have come across an artist called Joseph Clement Coll - he was a master with a dip pen - bringing intense mood through light and shade with incredible line and hatching technique. I wasn't aware of him when I started working on MONO but he has certainly become an intimidating influence - you must check his work out! At the same time I didn't want my panels to look staged or static which can happen when going for a lot of detail - my goal has been to keep adrenaline through the pages - to try and learn from the pace and intensity of Frank Miller - or - probably my favourite artist - Bill Sienkiewicz.

MONO certainly can't afford to be too classic and polite!

From those thoughts I've really meandered and tried to explore ways of making interesting marks; trying sponges, toothbrushes, masking fluid, knives, brushes, tape, pens, bamboo... Then there is so much to learn in page layout, hierachy, typography, light, shade, contrast...negative space and's mind boggling.

In terms of process; for some periods I've been working digitally using a Wacom and Painter, then I've returned for a number of pages to using a dip pen, brush and ink. Currently I've switched back to physical inking on paper as the range of mark-making is the most varied - and there is a certain consequence to real ink that doesn't exist in digital. I've found that moving between the two has kept me pushing on each side. Working more loosely with the wacom, or being bolder with the pen and paper.

I'd love to hear about great inkers or approaches to inking comics that you enjoy, please point me to your favorites, and if i can help with anything please don't hesitate...
In the unlikely event that you're not aware of them; Nesskain has illustrated seven gorgeous sequential pages based on moments from each of the Harry Potter novels. If you're not already swept away and indulging then what are you waiting for?! :la: #harrypotter #graphicnovel #moreplease 
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Nesskain Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. by Nesskain Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. by Nesskain Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Nesskain
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Nesskain Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. by Nesskain Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. by Nesskain
When it comes to combined traditional-digital illustration, Ne-sy is totally deserving of your attention. Be sure to lay some keen eyes on her work! :eager: Eye-candy awaits you.
Red by Ne-sy random people by Ne-sy
Ahoy! SirOpacho's fuzzy wuzzy, adorably mushy piece deserves some lovin'!
Babi Gloo by SirOpacho


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Where about's did you have your interview? Best of luck with it!!
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The interview took place on their main site in a smaller office within a larger room filled with light boxes and other such awesomes. It was different from interviews I've had before - Richard Haynes was super poker-faced so got zero cues on how I did! Waiting on UCAS for their decision is going to be painful but thanks for the wishes!!

Oh wow you even studied there - and looking to teach there - that's very cool. Hopefully I'll be returning soon and we could hang or something?
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