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DAC's Shape Challenge

For more design themed challenges, head over to


See you there! :eager:


February's shapes:
Feb 2016 Shapes by LuigiL

Shape Challenge - December 2015 Q1 by puddlefisher


YOU. You are a rad mammal. 

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Chris Palamara
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United Kingdom
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My current canvas~ :eager:Screenshot 1 by puddlefisher
On the left being some fanart of rikkitikki's amazeballs characters which you should check out. <3
What's up gang? :la: I treat these logs as an opportunity to share my work and connect with you guys as well as to review my direction on projects a little more removed from the action. Hope you dig!

Dsdsdadf By Puddlefisher-d9ofd8w by puddlefisher
Screenshot 6 by puddlefisherScreenshot 16 by puddlefisher

The Little Red Riding Hood

Something you might recognize from the previous sketchblog as further designs based on "The Little Red Riding Hood". I've been exploring the concept in more detail towards a story app for children.

Technical speak ahoy:
The app involves puppet animation which uses different parts of a character (such as limbs and accessories) to animate them. The advantage of using puppet animation compared to traditional hand-drawn frames is that puppets enable more responsive character movement and interactivity with the player. Frame by frame can look pleasing while the animation is in action, but transitions between animations as well as how they respond to abrupt player input is where traditional frames aren't as effective. Aside from animation cycles themselves, transitions can be visually abrupt, less responsive and repetitive. Puppet animation handles responsive controls very well but oftentimes the animation itself can suffer.

My approach to animating Red is to use animation techniques that span from both traditional and puppet techniques (rather than one or the other). I'm developing the character in the same way as I would as if intending to animate traditionally to really flesh out the design. Ultimately, I'll be using key frames from the traditional technique but for the puppets - where the key frames for each action are broken down into individual parts so that the puppet can benefit from a large range of poses. This way, we can use frame by frame animation but with the added puppet functionality to help make transitions more seamless and responsive.

To pull off well, the design demands intricate and strategic planning and I've been problem solving more than creating actual assets so far. :iconwhutplz:

BIhmtm8 by puddlefisherDesign Nots 10 by puddlefisher
Test Head-Squash-and-Stretch by puddlefisherTurnaround Wip1 by puddlefisher


and gentlemenz.

You didn't expect to leave without seeing some nips boob circle cover-uppers did you? :B

The type of mark making that I always strive for demands a loose, fluid tool to make the marks and so I'm normally pretty animated at the desk getting my whole body involved - being pretty much this:

4b555b23274f948296b32e4da1f8c963 by puddlefisherUBI6JtH by puddlefisher 

Lol. Onwards to the drawings:

Screenshot 1 by puddlefisher
Screenshot 2 by puddlefisherScreenshot 3 by puddlefisherScreenshot 4 by puddlefisherScreenshot 6 by puddlefisher
Screenshot 7 by puddlefisherScreenshot 8 by puddlefisherScreenshot 9 by puddlefisher


I don't really see the next bunch as drawings but instead visual notes to remind me of what to draw when I draw it. I can hear you now, "SHAP AND FINISH SOMETHING" :ashamed: There is much to be said for working smart as well as hard, and time management in general.

Much to be said indeed. I'mamess.
Screenshot 2 by puddlefisher
Screenshot 3 by puddlefisher
Screenshot 4 by puddlefisherScreenshot 14 by puddlefisherScreenshot 5 by puddlefisher
Screenshot 18 by puddlefisher

Screenshot 11 by puddlefisher

A bit older stuffs

Hey, I also found these from last year. Take them with you on your journey as well, humans.
Playing With Shapes Gokoops By Puddlefisher-d8xk3m by puddlefisher
3 By Puddlefisher-d99wogo by puddlefisher
Boob circles. :B
Wip   Harry Potter Cast By Puddlefisher D8z9n1b By by puddlefisher
Screens Hpca By Puddlefisher-d8zce74 by puddlefisher
Henry And Drake By Puddlefisher-d978bao by puddlefisherSprint Mock By Puddlefisher D944v5m By Puddlefishe by puddlefisher

Medievil By Puddlefisher-d9fow4s by puddlefisher

Crash By Puddlefisher-d9fow52 by puddlefisher


In closing, I have something to address to my watchers. Firstly, thanks a bunch of super ripe bananas that are delicious in your mouth. I cannot articulate the gratitude I have for your support - as you just read. But know that it's immense and I don't take it for granted.

My active presence online comes phases at the moment due to personal commitments as well as personal demons which I contend with on a daily basis. The specifics on this is probably best left for another journal to indulge you properly in the things like my circumstances away from working, how my de/re-activation came about, why I'm not finishing stuff, the total number of rubber duckies that are alive today and much more will all be a relief for me to finally share and talk about with you guys when the time is a little more right.

So, for right now, I send my huge thanks to you all. <3 i dont even know 

PS. Commissioners - I haven't forgotten you, I'll be in touch soon. :heart:

- Pudds

A line-up I've been working on recently is of a gang of super heroes which I imagined to be "fashion police" but supers. I've tried to push for personalities that have a sense of playful vanity and visual traits to do with fashion - here's my progress so far towards that end:
1 by puddlefisher2 by puddlefisher3 by puddlefisher4 by puddlefisher

I'm always conscious of design theory and I've especially considered straights and curves for these designs as well as silhouette. It's particularly observable on the shape of the legs for these characters and is the most pronounced on the guy's legs to the far right of the line-up. Shapes are a lot of help as well as a lot of fun to use in design. The name "Thunder thighs" was attributed by a friend to these guys - great call from Azura that lead to the lightning bolt. :giggle:
5 by puddlefisher6 by puddlefisher

3qopbkw By Puddlefisher-d9gpynp by puddlefisher

Super birds, super dogs, super everything. Woooosh 

I don't commit to a single line early on but instead explore the gestures first and sometimes even start by throwing out random lines and working from that. Audition your strokes and keep the good ones! (But it can start really ugly to begin with: 
Fdsfd by puddlefisher

Dsd by puddlefisher

Tz0gbcx By Puddlefisher-d9fh0e1 by puddlefisher

Fzp90mo By Puddlefisher-d9gpymt by puddlefisherIkyaq44 By Puddlefisher-d9gpymk by puddlefisher

Carpel tunnel strikes but I will still draw in agony. :B Started having to stop using my fingers and just dealt with arm movement on the tablet that felt a bit like life drawing class after a while. The limitation to drawing with just straight lines had me find some shapes I wouldn't have otherwise with these doodles. :thumbsup: 
Fdfd by puddlefisher
Red by puddlefisher

I took Red in a different direction to the classic fairytale afterwards - "Red - in the hood"! The concept I toyed with while I explored this had involved a thug Red who enters "Wolf Town" in a vengeful rage of bad assery.

Pooofer by puddlefisher

I've grown to consider colour as the same entity as my drawing in recent months. Line is my strength and I love to pay special attention to it. Colour can damage a piece if it isn't given due consideration.

Untitled-4 by puddlefisherOctotat by puddlefisher

Bo6iwlv By Puddlefisher-d9fh0dw by puddlefisherUntitled-1 by puddlefisher

Pudds over and out. :heart:


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Also, I like your use of the word "grown". What it implies is that visual style is something that is cultivated and correctly so I think. I'm interested in this idea because as an artist's style changes through time, we can see how they've grown not only artistically but personally too. 

Analyzing an artist's style is almost like analyzing handwriting. To notice things like their line weights, how tight their drawings may be or instead how loose. Things like this make me think about the actual process and person making those marks and why they do it in such a way. When an artist's style evolves, it's interesting to consider how the person evolved too. 

BUT YEAH. Thank you for dropping by and staying tuned! :love:
Katois Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
Well, yes :D My way of thinking was more or less: I see that you can play with lines, proportion and poses, characters are dynamic, have emotions shown by all their bodies (It's awesome!) > You're already behind times of learning schemes > you're sure about your skills > experience > (check ID) professional > still developing 

You wrote an interesting question here: 'why they do it in such a way?  I think it can be a key for people trying to find their own style. 

You're welcome :D
I hope that I can learn a lot here :D
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Your art makes me really happy,its so fluent and nice. Thank you for existing.
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I sometimes used to contemplate on this: how precious we know our existence to be to us, but how we could have easily not existed at all. Not in the sense that if our parents were distracted, didn't meet and ultimately didn't get it on. But just like, imagine you weren't here right now. Imagine you were never here to begin with. Mind blown every time. :stare:

Edit: Lololol. I dunno if it's normal or narcissistic to be mindfucked by this thought. It's just hard to imagine - it's easy to imagine death, but it's hard to imagine not having experienced the world, not been a part of it, not even being a thought. IUNO, excuse me while I have my existential crisis here.

Anyway! I am grateful we both exist. Thanks so much for the love <3 

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Thanks dood! La la la la 
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elNevan Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Student Interface Designer
Ohoho very unique style, I love it and I feel forced to watch you ! Amazing work !
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